Sunday, January 21, 2018

Was a pharma CEO murdered?

From the Toronto Star, the latest on the death of Apotex CEO Barry Sherman:

It’s double murder, not murder-suicide. Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in what looks like a professional, contract killing. That’s the conclusion of a variety of experts who have been hired by the family to probe the case.

Here’s the new information: There are markings on the Shermans’ wrists, an indication that at some point their hands were tied together, though no rope or other ties were found near the bodies. Toxicology tests on their bodies reveal no sign of drugs that would have contributed to their deaths. Men’s leather belts found around their necks were the cause of the “ligature compression” that killed them. A top forensic pathologist who did a second autopsy determined this was a double homicide, barring any new information that surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Toronto police would not provide any new information or comment on the findings of the family and maintain their classification of the deaths as “suspicious.”

“How much to get in?” one man asked. “$130,000,” a woman replied.

The country's most important porn star visits Greenville, South Carolina. 

One by one, the patrons lurched to the stage’s edge, summoned by the siren song of stale arena rock and toplessness — a sea of large men with small bills and slight smiles, plainly convinced that America has been plenty great for some time now.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Am I the only one who finds this a little creepy?

From Sports Illustrated: 

It may have once resided in a Catholic church, perhaps inside a confessional, but now it stands proudly in the parking lot of a football stadium. It is a simple oak kneeler with a wide base for your knees and another plank at the top where one might put folded hands. Just below that is a shelf where a Bible or hymnal might go. The base, the spot for kneeling, has been modified slightly: it is covered in a purple Vikings towel. Additionally, the top plank is adorned with various Vikings patches that are glued to the surface. Many of the patches contain the letters VWO (Vikings World Order.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Preach it

"Members of the audience said that Pence turned “visibly red-faced” at certain parts of the speech but did not object in any way, presumably because he knows there are some ass whippings even God himself can’t save you from."